Fortuitous Announces Expansion into Performance Services

November 3, 2005
16:00 GMT, 2005
For Immediate Release

Fortuitous Technologies is expanding into the performance, capacity, reliability, and disaster recovery markets.

Fortuitous currently provides networking, documentation, and IT administration services to the Linux, FreeBSD, OSX, and UNIX marketplace.

With this expansion, Fortuitous enters the market of performance tuning, capacity planning, reliability, and high-availability.
These services are recognized as critical ingredients to the
E-Commerce, financial, and other high-performance computing markets.

“We recognize that there is a significant change in the way that companies
allocate and plan for new information resources,” says Fortuitous’
CEO Philip Carinhas.
“Now that the internet and E-Commerce are well established,
companies want to know how, when, and where to grow their services in a
scalable and reliable way. Once companies grow beyond their original
boundaries, planning services become critical to their current operations
and future expansion.”

About Fortuitous

Founded in 1999, Fortuitous Technologies, Inc. Fortuitous”) is a leading provider of enterprise technology and IT services including key networking, administration, planning, and performance serivces.

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