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UNIX Internals & Performance Management Class (3 days)

Fortuitous still has a few slots open for their UNIX Internals & Performance Management Class’s in August, September and October 2006.The course outline for the class can be found at: The price per student is $2,250. The class’s will be held in Austin, TX.

Class 803: Aug 21th – Aug 23th (2 spots)
Class 903: Sep 25th – Sep 27th (1 spot)
Class 1003: Oct 23th – Oct 25th (3 spots)

Fortuitous can tailor the class towards AIX, Solaris, HP-UX, or Linux. If no preferences are given by the students, the class will be focused on AIX 5.3 and Linux 2.6. Fortuitous teaches all their classes either in Austin, TX, or at the customer site. For further information on any of our classes or to sign up, please either call us at 512-351-7783.
The Fortuitous Team

Dominique A. Heger Ph.D.
Performance Engineering