Monthly Archives: May 2006

Hardware Sizing and OS Tuning Services

Fortuitous Technologies today announced new sizing and tuning services for Linux and UniX servers. Both services are low cost alternatives that cater to the burgeoning Linux server marketplace. The sizing services provide cpu, memory,IO, and network interconnect recommendations in raw performance units.

The Tuning services provides kernel recommendations for Linux and other commercial Unix variants. The services provides kernel tuning parameters for range of operating systems and applications like MySQL, PostgreSQL,Apache, Asterisk, and Oracle.

With these new services, Fortuitous can now provide a broad range of performance, consulting, and design services for Linux, Unix, FreeBSD, and related technologies. The new tuning and sizing services add entry level capabilities for open source solutions such as Linux, Apache, MySQL, PostgreSQL,PHP, Postfix, and Asterisk.

Both services will start at $499 initially. Fortuitous anticipates similar service announcements for small cluster and load-balanced systems.More information can be found at